Flame Mountain BBQ

Traditional flame grilled skewers

Chinese, flame grilled skewers. Flame Mountain BBQ is a contemporary skewer restaurant that offers snacks, beers, and bubble tea. Out of all the things that make this place unique, the "Monkey King" themed brand sticks out as one of many x-factors.
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We created original "Journey to the west" characters to show uniqueness and emphasize the storytelling aspect of Flame Mountain. The style of the drawings are based off of Chinese tattoo art, expressive lines and aggressive features.

As a new restaurant, marketing is especially important to growth. Skewers were a relatively new concept in Calgary and the best way for others to understand it was by showing them. We created a series of videos for Flame Mountain to advertise on western social media as well as WeChat.

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While creating the new menu we needed to find a way to get potential customers used to the concept of Chinese skewers. We created 2 platters/samplers that allowed new customers to try a variety of different items that they wouldn't normally order.

Catching attention was important. We offered a x-factor that fell right along with their brand. The flame mountain drink was a hard shot that was literally on fire. It sparked lots of social media attention which in turn generated a consistent client flow.


With the new menu release and promotional marketing strategies we helped create, Flame mountain yielded impressive numbers for the initial 2 weeks it was released. Nearly doubling in revenue prior to the 2 weeks beforehand and generating 10% more revenue compared to their launch date.

We also noticed that there was a large growth in client traffic and revenue consistency, even during the harsh winters of Calgary.

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